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Powder Coating: The Hot-Dip Galvanizing Alternative

Hot-dip galvanization is a commonly used industrial metal finishing process in which fabricated steel or iron is dipped into a vat or kettle of molten zinc in order to form a tightly bonded alloy coating. Hot-dip galvanizing provides excellent protection against the harmful effects of corrosion and abrasion, which can prolong the life of the galvanized material.

Although the process does offer effective and long-lasting surface protection, the Champion Coatings powder coating solution can be a more suitable alternative to hot-dip galvanizing for a number of important reasons.

Aesthetic Advantages of Powder Coating over Galvanizing Powder coating can provide surface protection comparable to that of hot-dip galvanizing with the added advantage of being more pleasing to the eye. This is a key benefit when the aesthetic appeal of the finished product is essential for marketing, branding or other purposes. Powder coating gives the customer the flexibility to choose a finish in virtually any color under the sun, and many have the capability to be finished in a wide variety of glosses.

The Environmental Powder Coating Advantages over Galvanizing

For the ever-growing number of companies committed to “going green,” powder coating is a more acceptable environmental alternative to hot-dip galvanizing. The heavy zinc usage that galvanizing requires can be toxic and may lead to health issues in areas surrounding the production facility due to zinc contamination in the drinking water.

On the other hand, the typical powder coating process emits zero chemical solvents and contains no heavy metals. Any powder coating overspray can be recycled, which eliminates waste. There is no waste water that must be discharged into a public sewer or ground water supply. In general, no hazardous waste is created as a by-product of the powder coating process.

Powder Coating on Hot-Dip Galvanizing: The Best of Both Worlds

Champion Coatings possesses the capability to powder coat surfaces that have already undergone a hot-dip galvanizing process. Powder coating over galvanizing can extend the durability of the galvanized surface due to the synergistic relationship between the powder coating and zinc.

The powder coating provides an additional barrier of protection for the zinc, resulting in enhanced overall corrosion resistance. Some industrial facilities use powder coating on galvanized surfaces for color coding of piping systems, important for proper identification and safety. Champion Coatings can handle mostly any type of project requiring powder coating over galvanizing, regardless of size or scope.

How Can Our Architectural Powder Coating Capabilities Benefit You?

Our architectural coatings provide a durable finish for your structure. Coatings for metal offer excellent resistance against rust and corrosion, which can lengthen the lifespan of the structure. Unlike liquid paints, coating for metal does not require the application of multiple layers, making it a highly cost-effective finishing process. Powder coatings are available in many colors, enabling you to customize the appearance of the structure. And in a time when protecting the environment is a primary focus, it’s good to know that our powder coating process does not use chemical solvents or release potentially harmful pollutants into the atmosphere.

Fast Structural Coating Solution

Champion Coating is capable of completing your powder coating job quickly, an important consideration for projects with tight deadlines. Whether you choose a zinc-rich primer, an organic zinc-rich primer or any of our other powder coating types, the timeframe for application ranges from a few seconds to an hour, depending on part size. The coated parts are available for immediate shipment, and most projects can be turned around within a week.

Our State-of-the-Art Facility Is Up to the Challenge

Our modern, technologically advanced facility in San Francisco, CA are capable of applying our wide range of custom coatings to parts of all shapes and sizes. We can accommodate both rail and truck shipments to meet the unique shipping demands of our customer base. Our facility is staffed by a team of powder coating professionals who are committed to completing your project on time and under budget.

Contact Champion Coatings for Your Next Structure Powder Coating Project

Whether your project requires fence powder coating, rebar powder coating or any of the numerous applications we offer, Champion Coating can handle the job quickly and efficiently. Contact us to learn more about our powder coating capabilities today.

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