Powder Coating

How Powder Coating Operates

Powder Coating is a method of applying a decorative and protective finish to a wide range of parts and materials. The powder coating process uses very fine dry particles of resin with the pigment color of your choice.

The resin powder is applied with a spray gun similar in concept to applying solvent based paint; however, powder coating uses an electrostatically charged technique in which the powders are charged as they move through the spray gun causing them to stick to the grounded part just like metal to a magnet. This allows the powder to adhere to the part through the next step: curing.

The curing process involves heating the coated parts to 400 degrees F for a predetermined amount of time. During this time the powders are melted and fused together to form a very strong and durable finish.

The parts are then allowed to cool and are ready for use immediately.

Part Preparation

Since the powder particles adhere to the parts electrostatically, the part surface must be very clean and dry. The powder does not adhere to old paint, primer, or rust. Chemical stripping and/or media blasting of the surface to be coated is recommended, this prepares the part by removing previous finishes, rust and other surface contaminates. Additionally “etching” the metal to provide a textured surface for the powder to adhere to.

After the blasting process is completed the parts must then be chemically pre-treated to ensure a properly cleaned surface for the powder coat to adhere to. This ensures superior adhesion and coating life.

If you have your parts media blasted before you send them to us, please clean any oil and grease off before blasting. This will produce the best finish preventing oil and grease from being pushed into the surface and causing adhesion problems.

Why Powder Coating?

Powder coating is much more durable than other, more conventional paints. In fact, it is up to 10 times more durable than ordinary paint. As mentioned above, it is extremely resistant to chips, scratches, abrasion, heat up to 200 degrees, UV light, and fuel and chemicals. Powder coating also eliminates runs, drips, and sags which are common with painted finishes, and it has corrosion resistance properties which are difficult to achieve with other materials or methods. Powder coatings come in a wide range of colors, including OEM, translucent, and metallic, as well as custom colors mixed to your specifications.

The process is also 100% environmentally friendly as there are no solvents or hazardous materials used

Benefits Of Using Powder Coating

DURABILITY – Powder coatings are extremely durable, and various types are formulated to endure the severity of chemicals, abrasion, and chipping, or UV radiation from sunlight.

FINISH VARIETY – The latest powder technology has resulted in several different finishes, including texture, wrinkle, and hammer-tone, as well as smooth film powder coatings in any level of gloss.

COLOR VARIETY – Powder coatings are available in a wide array of colors, and can be specially matched on request. Many translucent colors are also available.

HIGHER QUALITY – Before baking, parts painted with liquid paint have a strong tendency to attract dust particles that mar the final finish. Since powder coatings are dry before baking, they attract virtually no dust which leads to a better quality finish.

EVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Powder coating is an “environmentally friendly” option. There are no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) in any part of the powder coating process. This eliminates one of the major causes of air pollution today.

Types of Powder Coating

The object is then heated, and the powder melts into a uniform film,

Epoxy – Decorative, indoor use.

Polyester – Interior/Exterior, good chemical and weather resistance .

Epoxy/Polyester Hybrid – Decorative, functional, indoor use, chemical resistance.

Polyurethane – Interior/Exterior, low film thickness, good weather resistance.

TGIC – Decorative, functional, thick film build.

Hybrids – Specially formulated for unique needs.

Quality assurance is our first priority.

We pride ourselves in staying at the forefront of finishing technology and use only the finest materials, processes and people. Our professional team of employees is dedicated to meeting and exceeding your requirements. Upon completion, our quality department inspects the job to ensure that all requirements are met to your specific job. Packaging is as important to the product as the finish is. We take extra care to package so that no damage will occur in delivery.

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