Our Statement

Mission Statement and Values

Mission statement

Champion Powder Coating is committed to providing cost-competitive work by using state-of-the-art equipment with an emphasis on customer service. Champion Powder Coating is a “green” company dedicated to the development and utilization of ISO fundamentals grounded in our core values.

Vision statement

Champion strives to become a respected local, regional and national resource in the metal powder coating industry. We will endeavor to preserve our natural environment while providing high-quality, cost-effective services for our customers. Our employees will stay current with the latest methods and be encouraged to develop their skills and creativity. Champion’s top-caliber customer service will be the foundation on which will continue to build and expand our business.

Our values

Several key values serve as a foundation for all that we do at Champion Powder Coating.

Environmental preservation and conservation – Our work is done in an environmentally sensitive manner. Powder coating, unlike liquid coatings, do not produce hazardous solid waste or hazardous air pollutants.

Employee safety – The safety and health of our employees is critically important. We aim to have a healthy, safe workplace by providing necessary training, well-maintained equipment, and employee accountability on the job.

Teamwork – Each employee is entitled to respect for their talents and is appreciated as a critical part of the Champion team.

Being accountable – All employees will take responsibility for errors and learn from their mistakes. Important information gathered from errors will be input into past master files to ensure there will not be repeatable mistakes.

Positive attitude – Negativity is not welcome in our workplace. Employees should maintain a positive attitude in all interactions with fellow employees and our customers.

Valuing education – Our Company supports employees who choose to pursue new educational opportunities. Additional training benefits the entire company and leads to a more productive workplace.

Being innovative – Employees are encouraged to think of new and innovative ways to improve service, cost and quality for our customers.

Taking initiative – Our employees can feel empower to be self-motivated and strive to achieve goals in their professional and personal lives.

Valuing relationships – Maintaining relationships with our customers is a critically important part of our business. They must be built with a sense of mutual respect and courtesy, with a focus on the needs of the customer.

Honesty – Champion employees will conduct themselves in an honest and trustworthy manner with all clients and fellow employees.

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