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Service Disclaimer

For parts being powder coated, they must be able to withstand temperatures of up to 450°F. CHAMPION POWDER COATING is NOT responsible for any damage due to heat. This includes but is not limited to, warping, plastics or rubber melting, damage to bearings or seals. It is the customer’s responsibility to identify and remove these components before bringing them to be coated.

CHAMPION POWDER COATING is NOT responsible for rust or corrosion that is the result of water traps or other tight areas that cannot receive paint. Such as but not limited to overlapping metal or items that are not solid seam welded. This type of rust will start in those areas and creep out under the coating from there.
CHAMPION POWDER COATING is NOT responsible for defects caused by pin holes in the welds, welding slag, and sharp edges. Sharp edges should be ground round by the customer.
CHAMPION POWDER COATING is NOT responsible for grease and or oil that seep out of cavities and tight areas of a part that ruin the coating while in the oven. It is the Customers responsibility to identify and remove all grease from these areas. This can include threaded holes and any other area where lubricants and grease are used.

Customer is hereby notified that if you bring us heavily corroded, pitted metal, those defects will be visible through the coating. If you are looking for a really smooth finish we need a really smooth substrate to start with. If you would like us to sand out the defects prior to top coating to get a smoother finish it will cost extra and some defects cannot be completely removed.

Masking, it is the Customers responsibility to inform us of any required masking. We recommend you place bolts into your threaded holes before bringing them to us as that makes the best masking. If you do not, we will use plugs but some threads may need to be chased with a tap and dye to receive bolts afterwards. You must inform us of any masking. Should we find areas that need masking later we will contact you to double check. The additional masking will incur additional charges. We are NOT responsible for any coating on areas that were supposed to be masked if you did not inform us when dropping off the job. Castings, magnesium and aluminum parts as well as heavily corroded parts are prone to out gassing. Out-gassing looks like raised blisters or bubbles in a powder coat finish. Although we use methods and materials to help minimize out-gassing, it cannot always be avoided or predicted.
CHAMPION POWDER COATING  is NOT responsible for defects caused by out-gassing.
It is the customer’s responsibility to disassemble items before bringing them in to be coated. Removing any items that cannot withstand our oven temperature of up to 450°F and any grease or oil residues. Should any of these items be noticed after the items are dropped off, we will make an attempt to contact you. You have the option to come remove the items yourself. As a rule, we do not disassemble customer’s items. Should it become necessary for us to perform disassembly or excessive degreasing, extra charges will be added to the bill. Before disassembly by us we will need something in writing declaring your desire to have us take your items apart.
CHAMPION POWDER COATING is NOT responsible for damage to items we are tasked with disassembling.
CHAMPION POWDER COATING is NOT responsible for damage to parts that are not picked up within 5 days of completion.

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